Karen Sim

I am a Vancouver Island-based illustrator and artist, specializing in book illustration, fantasy art, creature and character design, and concept work.

New works, updates, and events!

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  • SURPRISE!! It EXISTS at last! Proof arrived for my very first creature book! First copies should be available within the week, in time for a reveal at the River City Art Festival in Campbell River, July 20th- if you're around, come and find me, for there will be special deals in place. 
Hope to have online ordering set up shortly as well, along with a fresh new website. Whoof! ..... please send coffee.... just, so much more coffee....
  • I'm not dead! Honest! But over been busy, re:
...need'em the meantime, here's a taste of my continuing experiments with colour- meet the "meikah". I'll present him properly when he's done of course. Stay tuned!
Lots of love to Lilly's Cafe too, for yummy coffee and friendly doodle space!
  • And as I wait impatiently for a book proof to arrive, I introduce... an emthrumn. I'm looking forward to doing colour tests with her- until then, any names come to mind?
Been working on book pages for weeks now, and I'm just....pooped. Brain-pooped. Blek. 
Hopefully I'll have a sneak peek ready for everyone soon!
  • After the chaos of last week, I decided I needed to do something unwindy... so I cracked out the new coloured pencils and started some "surprise creatures" in my sketchbook. Thoughts? Suggestions?
I also wanted to wave at all the new people I got to meet and chat with on Saturday who may have found themselves here- hello!! You guys rock- everybody, wave at each other, cuz you're all amazing- :D
  • Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and grab some inspiration...
Tomorrow is the Nanaimo Geek Con, so today is a packing and setup day. Hope to introduce some new people to the squonk and other beasties!
  • It's been a busy, frustrating last couple of weeks, but I swear I'm not dead! I did grab some new coloured pencils though, and tried out an off the cuff doodle. I give you.... today's mood-beast...
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