Karen Sim - Artist & Illustrator -
The "squonk" is a fantastical beast from early 20th century Pennsylvanian folklore, described as a "repulsive little creature" with ill-fitting skin covered in blemishes, that spends most of its time hiding from other creatures and weeping, because it is ashamed of its appearance. A squonk can be tracked at night by following its luminous trail of tears through the woods, but is extremely difficulty to capture- it's only defense is to dissolve itself into a pool of bubbles and tears. I am currently assembling story elements and illustrations for a new book project, featuring the gradual rehabilitation and befriending of "Oliver"- the first squonk to survive capture, and learn to coexist and interact with humans and animals. Oliver's story will have its own dedicated page and associated links, so stay tuned for updates here, on Instagram, and on Facebook. We are all a bit "squonky" from time to time- the trick is finding the best way to smile again...

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