Urban Goat -Art & Design by Karen Sim
 Karen Sim received her BFA in Fine Art, as well as a BA in English Literature from the University of Calgary, and has since been integrating her love of fine art with design, music, performance, and communications. Karen currently lives and works in Nanaimo, BC, sharing her humble home with her husband, two snakes, many musical instruments, and an assortment of oddly-named houseplants. Karen has illustrated 14 published children's books to date, along with album covers, t-shirt designs, posters and promotional materials, book covers, tattoos and many more designs.
 Artist's Statement - "The driving element of my work is the visual communication of emotion; not expressly the strongest, most direct emotions, such as love and sadness, but also the vague, indeterminate "middle emotions", such as the unsettled feelings of confusion, anxiety, and expectation. Dream imagery speaks to me in particular, as emotions are untempered by the waking social environment, and allowed to run rampant through every convoluted shade."

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